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We really appreciate the friendly service and the great customer service you have provided in this situation and the quickness in resolving it.

We will definitely be using you again.

Thanks again
Kind regards

Caroline Vachon
Happy customer

Happy Customer

Thank you so much for the amazing bags you recently donated for the charity event happening today – you’ve helped us raise over £150 for Diverse Abilties! Thank you! Laura Abbott

Charity Event

The service with your company has been fantastic and I would certainly recommend to any of my friends etc if they wanted to buy any of these bags to go through you.


Wendy  😊

Fantastic Service




I would like to thank thegoodbagco for their speedy service and the delivery of my order. The quality is superb and I can’t wait to show my new lunch bag off at work! I would highly recommend purchasing for a quirky gift or a personal treat 🙂

Best wishes

Quirky Gift
I just want to rate you as a definite 5 star. Great bags ,lovely designs and so fast delivery so thank you. I also like to support independent shops like yourselves. Karla Rogers
5 Stars
FROM OUR AUSSIE FRIENDS, sent picture of their bags, Daughters, Grasmere, Daughter-in-law
Australia is Good!
the Babies are good bag thanks to Claire
Babies are Good!
Dogs are good thanks to Kay
Dogs are Good!
Can I also say that the ordering system I used today was clear and easy to navigate around. Effortless! Kind regards, Max
Hi just wanted to thank you for your speedy reply to my enquiry and that your bags are great and arrived today! Super fast delivery! Thanks Mrs Jenny Woodhead
Super fast delivery!
Whenever I emailed and asked some questions, You always made a very quick answer for me.

I do thank you. I wish I can go to the store in Grasmere or in Cumbria some day.
Thank you again for shipping bags quickly and safely.

Customer from Japan!
I just want to say a big thank you for such a fast delivery, as I only ordered on Monday and it was waiting for me yesterday (Tuesday). A great service. I am very happy with “My little lunch bag” which is in use today.Kind regards Louise
Fast Delivery!

Good pictures our customers sent us!!!

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Good pictures of our customised bags!!!

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Our standard good bags are lined inside, environmentally friendly jute – which means that as well as not using plastic shopping bags, no pesticides are used either!